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India Tours has operated customized tours for many years all over India and is one of India's most trusted and experienced tour operator. India Tours have developed a selection of tour itineraries for Indian Subcontinent offering an exceptional experience at unbeatable value.

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India Tours is one of the subsidiaries of "Adventure & Expedition Travels Pvt. Ltd." "" specializes in quality trips and Cultural Tours to India. Operating the most unique Tours in India has crystallized our commitment to create comprehensive itineraries and providing the highest security and quality assurances for our guest. We don't plan your holiday- we let you do that. Unlike other operators we do things differently by giving you every possible option and combination to help you decide what interests excite and suits you the most. India Tours offer maximum flexibility in departure dates and tour duration. India Tours Plan your Indian itinerary, inclusive of all internal transport and transfers etc. Leaving you with only one booking to make - your flight to India, on the airline of your choice.

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India Suggested Tours

If you are planning to visit India expect to enjoy the diversity of India like the architectural excellence of the mughal empire in India or go on an exciting wildlife tour or an assortment of adventure sport or a spiritual experience visiting places of pilgrimage or visit to the Golden Temple. India Tours is here to offer you some attractive packages which we thing one of the best tour packages for first time traveler to India.

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India Cultural Tours

India, is the land of amazing surprises and undoubtedly is one of the most fascinating tourist destination of the world. India is known all over the world for its rich, unique and diverse culture. Its regional cultural diversity in language, religion, ethos, customs, traditions, food and even costumes are amazing and unique in themselves.

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India Wildlife Tours

When you are out on a wildlife tour, you can enjoy the various jungle activities, besides taking photographs like elephant, and jeep safari, for moving around the national parks, is amongst one of the options. If you want to leave your regular schedule and world behind? Then, come and visit  the great wildlife tours of India. India Tours has published some of great wildlife itinerary on website and are willing to change or modify according to your need. Let us know your interest like Tiger, Elephant, birds etc and we will get back to you with best advice.

India Heritage Tours

India Heritage Tours

India is a country with an ancient heritage of its own. The medieval temples, rock cut caves, palaces, forts or the exhibits of the majestic lifestyle of the Indian emperors; all boast of the royal traditions once followed religiously in India.

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Taj Mahal Tours

Taj Mahal Tours

TAJ MAHAL is a feeling that caresses one's heart like a pure melody of love. Mesmerizing, majestic, scintillating - the Taj Mahal in Agra India is a wondrous gift to the world that depicts love in all its grandeur.

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India Luxury Tours

India Luxury Tours

The whole purpose of this tour packages is that you can travel in India and witness its diverse culture, history and archtiecture while pampering yourself with best available hotels, Luxury trains like Palace on wheels and Royal orient etc.

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India Angling Tours Info

India Angling Tours

In India, the sport of angling is combined with conservation. As per the existing Indian Wildlife protection act, the fish is allowed to be catch and release.

India Ayurveda Tours Info

India Ayurveda Tours

Ayurveda is the 'Knowledge or Science of Life'. According to Charaka, the ancient physician-sage, life is a unified state of the physical body. Please visit our all package and pick the best to according to your requirement.

India Hill Station Tours Info

India Hill Station Tours

India crowned with Himalaya has a wide range of hills. Himalaya is in the northern and north eastern part of India.