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Motorbike Safari in Himalayas Motorbike Safari in Himalayas
If you have shoved aside the sub continent in lieu of more acknowledged and established motorcycling destinations, we think you should take a second look at India. For the curious Tourists there is not a more distant, exotic and worthy land to explore and confirm the beautiful diversity of our planet.

Come and experience the some of the best riding in India and Nepal with India Tours. Ride your motorcycle through the superb mountains of Himalayas, Ladakh, Leh and desert of Rajasthan. Enjoy first class motorcycle touring in beautiful and historic areas of India and Nepal.

Motorcycle safari in India not only enlists the speeding part of the machine but also the patience and balancing part of this facet of adventure tourism in India.
In Inida we include the tracks for motorcycle safari like Ladakh, Leh and foothills of Himalayas. Every participant for the motorcycle safari has to be very well prepared for the conditions and climate while undertaking this part of adventure tourism in India. A rivet jacket with interior padding is a must, it might not be very cold in the motorable months of Ladakh but precaution is the key to safe sailing. Then, sunglasses and the attendant sun screening equipment is a necessity if the weather during motorcycle safari in India gets a bit warm.

Motorbike Safari in Rajasthan Motorbike Safari in Rajasthan
A Rajasthani safari begins at Delhi with the delivery of motorbikes to the daring travelers, marking Neemrana as the starting point of this motorcyclcle safari in India. This motorcycle safari travels through Bikaner, the fortified town of Jaisalmer, culminating in Agra. The period of this motorcycle safari in India is of the order of 28 days.

Another motorcycle safari in India, which also includes Shangrila in its tour itinerary, is yet another part of the adventure tourism exercise in India. Such motorcycle safaris are not only famous for their reaching of destinations within a stipulated time limit but also for the vast array of people, cultures, fairs and festivals which the mobike riders can get to know while astride their culture machines.