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Gaurav KatariaGaurav Kataria - Gaurav's best introduction would be - 'a rebel with a cause'. Since his early youth, he has a strong social consciousness. His self motivation to do something meaningful led him to start NGO called Tiger's Door with the aim of spreading awareness among the young generation about the importance of Tiger conservation. | With time,he realized that tourism can be very good way to protect our mountains, jungles and fauna. Travelling extensively to the remotest parts of India, he has led the life of a nomad and is self taught expert on travel arrangements. He has the exposure to all kinds of travels, be it the most basic way of hitch hiking to five star luxury travels. He is gifted with the conviction and charisma to convert people to his cause, who come in his contact. Being amateur photographer and film maker are another few of his attributes.

Anoop KatariaSabir Mallick - Life took Sabir into tourism, travel has changed his life and he never looked back!  He is passionate about travel and he loves to share his passion with you. He enjoys organizing a tours or being on a tour and being able to speak his heart and share his beautiful country and culture with some amazing travellers. He regularly joins one of the group adventure, photo or biking tours,  and he gives all he can to make each of customers holidays the best they have ever had. The best moments on the tour are when he realises that customers don't just see him as a tour organiser, but also as a friend. He is talented photographer aiming to capture the real India, the essence of this exotic country, its people, wildlife, landmarks, landscapes. In his spare time he likes reading classical literature, he is a big movie fan and passionate spectator of European and South American soccer.

Yash ThakurYash Thakur - He is our in-house expert of organizing camps and outdoor activities. His past achievements include organizing camps at Kalchakra - 2006 and Ardh Kumbh- 2007 at Allahabad. He is an avid traveller and has a keen appetite for new learning opportunities thereby honing his organizational skills. His open and easy manner and positively friendly attitude puts everyone at ease with their surroundings.

Nipun SinghNipun Singh - He is the operational director and incharge of the helicopter operation, residing in Nepal Gunj ( Western Nepal). Nipun has got 12 years experience of operating helicopter in higher reaches of Western Nepal Himalayas. He has been the operational head of the most of the group that has gone to Holy Kailash Via Nepal going route. He is also been team member of rescue and emergency cases in Western Nepal.

Jitendra BasnetJitendra Basnet - Jitendra runs a travel company having a office in Kathmandu. He is one of the most experienced person in operating Kailash Mansarovar Yatra. He knows all the routes of Holy Mt. Kailash and has developed a great specialization in operating trips to unknown territories of Nepal.