Mandawa Tours

Mandawa is a town in Jhunjhunu district of Rajasthan in India. It is part of Shekhawati region. Mandawa is situated 190 km off Jaipur in the north. The town lies between latitude 28°.06’ in the north and longitude 75°.20’ in the east. Mandawa is known for its fort and havelis. The fort town of Mandawa is well connected with the other places in region through a good network of roads. Mandawa is also known as Rajasthan's 'open art gallery', as the entire region is adorned with artistically painted havelis, mansions and homes. Some of the popular havelis that have become important tourist destinations are the Ladia haveli, the Chokhan haveli, the Binsidhar haveli, the Gulab Rai haveli and the Newatia haveli.
Goenka Chattri Mandawa Goenka Chattri

History of Mandawa

Mandawa is about 190kms from Jaipur, the capital of Rajasthan. The City of Mandawa was made a thikana in the mid of 18th century by the Bhojraj Ji Kasubsub clan of Shekhawat Rajputs. About the origin of this town there have been earlier references to Mandu Jat as founder of the Mandawa village. He first established a dhani (hamlet) and dug a well here, which was completed on savan badi 5 samvat 1797 (1740 AD) (source – Shekhawati Bodh, Mandawa special issue, July 2005). Initially this place was known as ‘Mandu ki dhani’, ‘Mandu ka bas’ or ‘Manduwas’ which changed to ‘Manduwa’, ‘Mandwa’ and finally ‘Mandawa’. Mandawa is a compact and busy little market town situated at a distance of 190 km from Jaipur. This town was found in the 18th century.

Some of the famous attractions of the place are its havelis, which include the Chokhani, Ladia, and Saraf havelis. A Shiva temple with a rock crystal lingam is also worth a visit. The town lies between latitude 28.06° in the north and longitude 75.20° in the east. The fort town of Mandawa is well connected with the other places in region through a good network of roads.

It is mainly famous for the castle now converted into a heritage hotel & the fresco paintings. Mandawa is the best stop between the Jaipur & Delhi trip. Mandawa forms one of the major Rajasthan Vacation Destinations.

Tourist attractions in Mandawa

On your Mandawa Vacation the main tourist attractions include the Castle Mandawa, located in the heart of Mandawa town. The Castle was originally the home of a noble, but now it is a heritage hotel that still retains its medieval theme. The rooms at this palace have paintings depicting Krishna in his childhood and youth. The walls of the rooms at this palace have intricate carvings and paintings along with mirror work. The castle still has a lot of antiques and paintings that can be seen in the huge hall, which used to be the Durbar hall.
Gulab Rai Ladia Haveli Gulab Rai Ladia Haveli
There are numerous ancient Havelis too like the :
  • Bhagchandika Haveli
  • Gulab Rai Ladia Haveli
  • Lakshminarayan Ladia Haveli
  • Mohanlal Saraf Haveli and
  • Chowkhani Haveli
that you can see while you are on a tour of Mandawa. The other major attractions are, Harlalka Well, Thakurji Temple, Tanu Manu Saraf Haveli, Akhramka Haveli and Goenka chattri.