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Nainital Tours, Uttarakhand

Nainital  is a popular hill station in the Indian state of Uttarkhand and headquarters of Nainital district in the Kumaon foothills of the outer Himalyas. Situated at an altitude of 2,084 metres (6,837 ft) above sea level, Nainital is set in a valley containing a pear-shaped lake, approximately two miles in circumference, and surrounded by mountains, of which the highest are Naina (2,615 m (8,579 ft)) on the north, Deopatha (2,438 m (7,999 ft)) on the west, and Ayarpatha (2,278 m (7,474 ft)) on the south. From the tops of the higher peaks, "magnificent views can be obtained of the vast plain to the south, or of the mass of tangled ridges lying north, bounded by the great snowy range which forms the central axis of the Himalayas.". The nucleus of Naini Tal's exquisite beauty is her lake which is a haven for water sports like Yachting, Kayaking, Canoeing and Boating.
Naina Peak Nainital Naina Peak

History of Nainital

The Kumaon Hills came under British rule after the Anglo-Nepalese War (1814–16), but the hill station Town of Naini Tal was founded only in 1841, with the construction of the first European house (Pilgrim Lodge) by P. Barron, a sugar trader from Shahjahanpur. In his memoir, he wrote: "It is by far the best site I have witnessed in the course of a 1,500 miles (2,400 km) trek in the Himalayas." Hill Resorts in India provides complete information on the beautiful hill station Nainital. Nainital is located at an altitude of 1,938 metres in the state of Uttaranchal.Nainital has a number of tourist destinations that one can visit.Travel to Nainital with Hill Resorts in India.

Nainital is located in the state of Uttrakhand and is about 277 kilometres from Delhi. Hill Resorts in India outlines the important information on Nainital.

There are a number of interesting places in Nainital that has been attracting people in droves. Naini Lake is the prime attraction in Nainital. You can enjoy a boat ride on the lake or take a walk around the lake. If you want some fun, fishing is a great idea of vacation in Nainital. For some beautiful views of the valley, tourists can head to Astronomical Observatory that has some binoculars and telescopes in place.

The observatory is situated near Hanuman Garh and is one of the most modern observatories in India. To get a bird's eye view of the valley, travel to Naina Peak, which is the highest peak in Nainital. The peak is about six kilometres from the city centre and is an ideal place for picnics. Land's End is another tourist attraction in Nainital that offers panoramic view of Khurpa Tal.
Naina Devi Temple- The temple is located on the northern shore of Naini lake. The presiding deity of the temple is Maa Naina Devi  represented by two Netras or eyes. Flanking Naina Devi are the deities of Mata Kali and Lord Ganesha. 
To feast your eyes on the snow capped peaks of the Himalayas, you can trek up to Snow View or hire a pony. The point, Snow View offers spectacular views of the northern Himalayan peaks. The other places that you can visit include St. John Church and the British Cemetery.

There a number of beautiful lakes in and around Nainital, that one can tour. Sat Tal is about 21 kilometres from Nainital and is a group of seven lakes. The pine and oak trees aptly compliment the lake. Bhim Tal about 23 kilometres from Nainital offers an ideal option to indulge in water sports. Away from the din of the city is Naukuchiya Tal, an excellent place to be close to nature.
Naini Peak also known as China or Cheena Peak or Naina Peak is the highest peak in the town, with an altitude of 2,615 m (8,579 ft). and at a walking distance of 6 km (3.7 mi) from the north end of the town (Mallital). From atop the peak, one can not only see a broad swath of the snow clad high Himalaya, but also obtain a panoramic view of Nainital town itself. 

Nearby Attractions from Nainital

Naini Lake Nainital Naini Lake
11 km from Naini Tal on Ranikhet-Almora road. A beautiful health resort, the T.B. Sanatorium here has treated luminaries like Subhash Chandra Bose and Kamala Nehru, wife of Pt. Jawahar Lal Nehru. Also famous for its scenic grandeur and as a hill fruit market.

25 km from Naini Tal, a picturesque town is in the heart of apple orchards. It has an ideal view of the Himalayas with an immeasurable beauty around. Rabindra Nath Tagore and Mahadevi Verma spent a long time here. Besides Mahadevi Verma's house the Arbindo Ashram is another place worth visiting at Ramgarh.

Beyond Ramgarh is Mukteshwar, 51.49 km from Naini Tal. It is the seat of the indian veterinary research institute. In close proximity is the stone “ Chauli Ki Jali”, dedicated to Lord Shiva where childless couples come to pray for children. Famous for its Himalayan views, from Api-Nampa peaks of Nepal to the Chaukhamba Peak of Garhwal. Mukteshwar darignly overlooks a deep ravine on one side and the beautiful town of almora on the other. It is a heaven for nature lovers and those who have a penchant for spiritualism.